So a little about me… My name is Heather and I am a first time Mama who is learning how to do this whole mommy thang one day at a time. I am married to my best friends, Ryan. We have been together since 2005. (😳… Really has it been that long?) We met through mutual friends (thanks Ms. Reesey I owe it all to you) and fought through a long distance relationship while I was away at school for 4 years. Even though this was not easy (at all!) it truly made us stronger. He makes me smile daily, reminds me when I’m over thinking something (which is always!), brings me back down to earth when I take on too much and lets me be my silly self always. We  were married in August 2014 and had our first babe, Jackson, in January 2016. This little man seriously makes me smile every day. When I say he is a great baby, I am not exaggerating or telling a little fib to make my family look perfect. He makes being a mommy easy. He is always (ok usually) so happy and easy going. He is curious and loves watching everything around him. I am also a kindy teacher in Ontario and absolutely love watching babes wonder and discover. I love playing with them and helping them solve various life problems. I can’t wait to go on many adventures with my lovely family and discover Jackson’s world with him. Have a question? Want to know more? Shoot me message ✉️.