Bringing Back Corny

The quote from the movie The Holiday has always stuck with me since the first time I watched the movie back in University, “I’m looking for corny in my life”. It is the corny things that make us smile, create a memory and adds a little happiness to our day. I want to be “that” corny in my boys’ life. The Mom jokes, the fun birthday details, the lunch box love notes, the special holiday treats, the twinning outfits, etc. I understand the older they get and the busier life becomes this will not always be an easy task. However, that look on their face will make those late nights the hard work SO worth it.



We just celebrated our son’s second birthday and we did a construction party theme. (He loves big trucks and he cannot lie!) The look on his face when he saw the cake I baked for him really brought this home for me. It is that smile that keeps us going and makes our jobs as Moms and Dads so special. Parthood is a bumpy road and there are days I want to throw in the towel and stay in bed. There are days when it’s easy to pop on the TV and get lost in our own worlds. Then there are days like this that add fuel to my heart and keep me going.

Now, if you know me at all you, you know I am the Queen of Procrastinating. I am a pro planner but putting it into action normally takes time. This being said, things will not always go as planned, there will be bumps in the road and it won’t always be perfect (aka the Pinterest fail). After all, it is these failures and times we just have to laugh ourselves that make the best memories. But if I can bring just a little corny to my boys’ lives and create a special memory for them than I have succeeded.

Let’s all embrace it and Bring Back Corny! Create memories and love the little things.



Construction labels found on pinterest from these sites-

1-  Site 1   2-Site 2




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