Life Since Two

So I have come to the conclusion that there is one secret to successful parenting. One that not many people will admit to… Ready for it?? The secret is…  no one knows what the hell they are doing. No one knows what they hell they are doing until one day it just clicks and you say “Hmm… maybe I’m not totally screwing this up!”

The million dollar question that I have been getting lately is, “How is life since two?” To be honest, it isn’t that bad. Is it busy, absolutely! But that’s ok. That is how it should be. I am very lucky to have a toddler that just adores his little brother. Seeing him kiss his little brother all over makes all of those toddler temper tantrums, sleepless nights and sticky floors totally worth it.

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I have learned you need to take it one day at a time. There have been many days that I just have to say “F// it!”, brush the puke out of my hair, put my saggy bum PJ pants back on and call it a day.  Whereas other days I need to strap both kids in their car seats and drive around so I can actually enjoy a hot coffee before I lose my shit anymore than I already have. For me, I have found that sometimes I just have to laugh. Laugh at that fact that is poop dripping out of the baby’s car seat, laugh at the fact that our new couch now has a small urine/puke smell to it (ps if you know how to help this… please send me your tips!!) , laugh when my toddler goes up and pushes the baby’s nose to see if it beeps as well. If I don’t laugh at these moments than I may just begin to cry. Laughter really has been the best medicine.

My husband and I recently celebrated our third anniversary. You are supposed to give your spouse leather for this special occasion. This year I chose to gift him a leather journal. Inside I indicated that this journal is our family memory book. Together we will record all those special memories that make us laugh, cry and smile. Then when the kids are grown and gone we can look back at all the memories we have created. One day my floors will no longer be sticky, I will no longer smell like puke, I will be able to remember when I showered last. One day I won’t have to sneak cookies after the kids are in bed or hide in the bathroom just to have 5 minutes in peace. One day we will look back in this book at the memories we have created and be sad that the boys are gone and we will wish that they were here running around laughing and screaming.

So yes, to answer your questions life with two is busy, very busy. I don’t remember when I last showered, my bottle of dry shampoo is nearing the end of its life, my floors are sticky, we have laundry to fold and a DVR full of new fall shows to watch. But I wouldn’t trade that busy for anything. My heart is full. For that I am very grateful.


Featured image taken by Stephanie High


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