Welcome Baby Hudson: Hudson’s birth story

One word to describe Hudson’s birth is quick. Even thought for two weeks the midwives had been saying “any day now”, “I’d be shocked if you didn’t have the baby this weekend!” I feel I didn’t have time to mentally prepare myself for what was about to happen.

It was a Tuesday morning and I had a midwife appointment. Ryan was unable to make it because he was working. We both woke up that morning thinking I’d go to the office and they would say “Let’s go to the hospital you are 8cm dilated!” Now, I’m not totally off my rocker for thinking this was a possibility because I had been 5cm dilated and thinned out for 2 weeks. They had said the head was there and ready to go. Not only that, but I had been showing early labour signs for 2 weeks. You know those fun cramps and flu like symptoms. Also, it felt as if he was going to fall out every time I went to the bathroom or walked too far. I was starting to worry that this baby was either a) never going to come or b) fall out in the toilet. Jackson’s delivery went very smoothly and very quick (or so I thought). I was in labour with Jackson for about 2.5 hours. Due to this, the midwives had been warning me that this labour would more than likely be even quicker and to call as soon as I was having contractions. I almost called in about 5 times over those 2 weeks but would go have a nap and would wake up to no more contractions.

All this being said, you can see why I was disappointed after leaving my appointment when my midwife said I was the same as last week other than I had thinned out even more. This meant more waiting. I had been having the odd cramps that morning and my midwife told me if I felt anymore cramps to call her ASAP and we would go in and they would break my water. Even if it was 5 minutes after leaving the appointment. She also advised me to go and have a greasy lunch. I took her up on that and ordered Harvey’s poutine and a large Dr Pepper. I decided since the baby wasn’t coming I would vacuum and mop the floors. There was no point in having my own pitty party.

Now, I’m obviously not a very good listener as I started feeling cramps almost instantly but nothing I couldn’t handle. I figured I may as well let Ryan finish his shift and see how I was feeling after supper. To be honest, I was scared that breaking my water was going to prolong the labour and make the process much worse. Come supper time, I was starting to feel more regular contractions and the cramps were starting to get worse. I knew at this point I needed to call the Midwife and that the baby was probably coming that night. Ryan had a few work commitments he needed to sort out so we ate supper, I did the dishes and got Jackson ready for bed and I called the midwife as Ryan read Jackson a story. We both tucked Jackson into his bed, sang him his song, and told him we would have a special present for him in the morning when he woke up.

Now here is the quick part, I’ll just break it down into a timeline for you.

8:45– got to the hospital, about 6cm dilated

9:05– broke my water

9:25– was fully dilated

9:35– started pushing

9:37– started swearing a lot

9:38– developed what my husband described as “crazy eyes”

9:39– told the midwife “to just cut the F’ing thing out of me”

9:41– Hudson entered our family

While I am definitely NOT complaining that my labour was quick (this is a gift), I will say it was MUCH more painful than my first. I don’t know if it was because Hudson was 2lbs heavier or if it was because I went from 0-100 on a pain scale in a matter of minutes. My contractions were literally one on top of the other with no time to talk or take a breath in between. As soon as they broke my water I told the midwife that I was ready to push and that this was going to happen quickly. I was a little worried he was going to come before she had her tools all set up. After the birth, she told me it was good my water didn’t break at home. If it had I would have had the baby in the car on the way over or at home. They now joke that if we have a third that we will have to have a homebirth and they will camp out at our house for the week before.

So if Hudson’s birth is any indicator of his personality I would say we are going to have an ambitions, (possibly impatient), motivated little guy who thinks quickly and gets the job done. We cannot wait to watch him grow up and see who he becomes over the years.





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