Kudos to all those working Moms/Dads

This post will be short! I just want to say kudos to all those working mama bears and papa bears out there. This includes all those working from home and small shop hustlers out there. I’m not sure how you balance it all. I have still not figured that out.  I get home from work and after Jackson is in bed all I want to do is lay on the couch with my feet up, grab my bag of cookies (so I can eat in peace and not share… let’s be honest), and not move. My house is generally messy, the painting is not done and Jackson’s big boy room is still filled with junk. Don’t be me wrong… this is not a cry for help. We will get it done… hopefully. However, I did vow that we would not be doing room renos after 30 weeks this time around. Here we sit at 33 weeks pregnant and are in the same boat again.  Almost done work and we will get it done. I went into labour finishing the nursery last time, hopefully that doesn’t happen again. So here is to all of you work all day, come home play with your babes, then do all the “stuff”  that has to get done- tired mama and papas 👏. You are amazing! 

Shirt from Eat Sleep Drool


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