Here We Go Again! 

I know I have been a little a lot M.I.A lately. But I have a good reason… I promise! Our family has BIG news. While this blog is about motherhood and life, life seems to have gotten in the way of me finding time to share. I have recently been faced with a lot of firsts. Almost too many… but I’ve put on my big girl pants and am handelling it. I have returned to work 3 weeks ago to a new school, a new classroom, a new teaching partner, a new staff, new rules, a new report card, a new “working mom” role,  a new daycare for Jackson, a new job for Ryan, and biggest and most exciting a new pregnancy. That’s right we are currently 13 weeks pregnant with baby #2. We are due around August 10. Yay #summerbaby !❤️☀️ If you know anything about our last pregnancy.. while it was very textbook, I was very sick.  I haven’t been as sick this time around but I still am taking 2 diclecten a day and am quite nauseous some days. At the beginning I was sick often (thank God I wasn’t working then).  So I apologize for not being here to promote my favourite companies, and share stories of our adventures. 

So that is the news. Even though there is a lot of first I have been very lucky to have so much support from family and friends and we have so much to be thankful for.  While I would love to stay and catch everyone up on this pregnancy so far, I have to get back to my report cards. I promise once those are done I will be back at  blogging.  I really enjoy it and want to be there to update everyone throughout this pregnancy. Thank you to Lucky Bum Clothing for the awesome Big brother and Mama Bear shirts. They turned out perfect and Janice was so helpful and kind while we designed the shirts. 


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