Dear Loves Co Nursing Bracelet 

I recently had the privilege of reviewing these beautiful nursing bracelets from a Canadian company, Dear Loves Company. Let me tell you, I wish I had stumbled upon these 10 months ago when I was stressing over how to breastfeed. These bracelets were created with nursing mamas in mind to help keep track of which side your baby nursed on last. As you may know, it is important to keep track so that your baby can get the hind milk (the milk at the back of breast) at the next feed. This hind milk is known to be the fattiest milk, the best milk for your growing baby. I tried so many things to help me keep track of this at the beginning. First, I started using my hair elastic to keep track. Eventually I would take it off my wrist and put it in my hair and would lose track of which side I nursed on. My mom suggested using a clip on my bra but it kept poking me and was so uncomfortable. This little bracelet truly would have been a lifesaver. 

I have been using this bracelet for the past week and while I only nurse on one side per feeding now it has saved me the embarrassment of feeling myself up in public to find out which side we are on. What I enjoy most about the Dear Loves bracelet is how lightweight it is. I don’t even know it is there. It doesn’t get in the way of my daily hustle and baby chasing. I also enjoy its minimalistic, simple design. It literally goes with anything I wear. I have layered it with other bracelets, dressed it up and dressed it down. I can wear it to bed in case of a night time feed and have even worn it in the shower. Also, I like how practical it is. You don’t have to stumble over clasps or knots to put it on and off. Also, (and this is huge for me) it fits my tiny wrist. I can NEVER find a bracelet that fits them. They come in various sizes and colours so any mama can wear them. I will 100% continue to wear this bracelet even when we are done nursing (which sadly will be coming to an end soon. We have begun our weaning process before I go back to work). I would put this product on my nursing must have list. Go and treat yourself to this simple, elegant, yet practical bracelet. You deserve it mama! 

You can check them out on Instagram. The following pictures have been taken from their website to show some of their other designs. 


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