Baby Must Haves Thus Far

On Thursday I had to go shopping for Jackson’s big boy car seat. While this makes me so excited to see what is to come in the future it also makes me so sad that my baby is growing up way to quickly. So of course with the purchase of the car seat required a trip down memory lane. I came home that night and went through all the pictures we have taken over the past 8 months. With that I decided to create a list of my baby “must have” items. I’m sure I’m forgetting things now that I look back over the past eight months. Who knew babies require so much.  Ok seriously, babies don’t require as much as we think. Parents require all these things. The older  Jackson gets the more I realize he doesn’t really require that much. He’s just as happy playing with household items as he is with his hundreds of baby things we have acquired over the past eight months. The past 2 weeks I have been trying to live with a minimalist view. Asking myself “need or want??” before I make every purchase. My head screams “Need! Need! Absolutely it’s a necessity!” While my brain and wallet cry “Ugh! Put it back. You don’t need it! Will it help make your life easier? Do you have a home for it if you bring it home?” Brain why do you have to be so boring? 😥 We have decided that Jackson doesn’t “need” anything else (except maybe some warmer clothes when that times comes) until Christmas or his birthday but it is so hard. We (ok… I) see something cute and in this “I need” society we live in I want to buy it all. It really is a change in mindset that one must learn. With that being said…. Here is my list. (Please note… I left off all our big items like our stroller, car seat, exersaucer, play mat… While these are necessities to me I decided to keep my lost to 10. Things that people may not think of. But please leave me a message if you want more info on what we have used.)

  1. Fisher price infant to toddler portable rockerI am saying this has probably been our most used item! Not only did it allow mommy to catch some zzz’s the first few weeks it has also allowed this mommy to shower, go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, put on deodorant, make lunch, make a coffee etc. You know all those jobs we took for granted pre baby and now find impossible to do some days. Yes we also have a swing and yes a mamaroo is on my must have list with next baby. This is a cheap alternative that you can usually find on your local buy/sell page.
  2. OVer Cover– I love this cover so much I have 2. The original one I bought in December before we had Jackson and the second one I purchased in the summer when they released a thinner fabric. This cover makes nursing in public a breeze, it keeps the wind out of his ear on walks both in his infant car seat and rumble seat in the stroller and soon we will be using it in carts while shopping. It also made a great cover on a dirty restaurant high chair.
  3. Aden & Anais Sleep sacs- or should I say anything A&A. I love how thin these sleep sacs are and how easy they are for midnight diaper changes. But to be honest I also love their swaddles, wash clothes, towels, bibs, burp clothes, crib sheets, cuddle blankets, puppy blankets (I’m sure they the technical name!). Everything. We have it all. They are soft and wash well.
  4. IKEA high chair-I took so much time researching various high chairs. I was so close to spending $350 on one until I stumbled across this $25 high chair. Once you know how to take the tray off it comes apart easy and can just go right in the sink to wash. The whole chair can be washed easily and it comes apart super quick for storage. I also find it sits nice bedside the table and does not take up a lot of space in our small kitchens. We did buy the support pillow to use until he gets a bit bigger. We currently don’t use the cover for it and just put the whole plastic pillow in the soapy water when we do the dishes. I looooove it.
  5. Nasal aspirator “snot sucker”- we have the Neil med one but really any will do. This one does come apart nicely to wash. I take a q-tip to make sure any mucus is cleaned out. Once your baby gets their first cold you will realize how much of a necessity this is. Jackson hates getting his nose wiped.
  6. Aden and Anais Musy Mate- or as we call him “puppy “.  Jackson absolutely loves him. He gets this cute little smile and cuddles him in close. He rubs him all over his face and then curls in to go to sleep. He is definitely a must have for every nap and bed time. We will be buying another as a back up one day soon.
  7. Video Monitor- now the specifics of this really come down to your preference. Do you want wifi or not etc. We have a summer brand 5inch screen without wifi. I have to say I love how clear our screen is. I do wish it gave more detail such as room temperature but I do not feel those are necessities. I do love having the video feature. I feel I don’t jump up as quickly as I would without it. I can see he is safe and let him cry it out if necessary. If I didn’t have it I fear that being a new mom I’d jump to worst case every time he made a noise.
  8. Wooly Doodle Clothing- you should check her out on Instagram. Not only is Elizabeth a doll to work with, her clothing line is so cute and soft. Jackson loves moving around in her clothing and we seriously get compliments everywhere we go. I love supporting local, Canadian shops. I know the money is going  directly to help them raise their families rather than big corporations who are paying babies in China next to nothing.  To top it off Elizabeth donates a portion of her earnings to the local animal shelter. Seriously…how kind is she!! So you must check her out. Actually do it right after you finish this blog.
  9. Baby links- these little toys are the handiest ever.  They were the first toy Jackson played with. They allowed us to hang things from his play mat low enough he could reach out for them. Now they help us keep his toys in his stroller or car seat when we are out. These little guys (along with item 10 on my list) are on the top list of baby toys for their development. They are easy to grasp and help with hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Still to this day they are some of Jackson’s favourite things to play with.
  10. Oball– I love these toys. I love how easy and light they are to grasp for him. Jackson has now entered his throwing stage and he can throw this ball so far. I also think they are so cute. He has the car as well and loves zooming it back and forth. I have already scooped up a few more Oball toys and cars for Christms presents… But shhhh don’t tell J-man.

Now that we have survived that list… I could go on and on. But will leave it with that. There are so many great baby items and different opinions out there as to what is “necessary”. But those are what we have enjoyed so far. Please ask away if you want specifics on any other items we use.



One thought on “Baby Must Haves Thus Far

  1. Stacy Srokosz says:

    Great list Heather. After 3 kids(one now in highschool). I loved the Ikea highchair and wished it was around when my oldest was a babe. My youngest sat in it untill she was 3. Just took the tray off and used it as a booster seat right up to the table. It also saved us from having to buy another kitchen chair as our family of 4 turned to 5. Also the nasal aspirator was a lifesaver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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