Bringing Back Corny

The quote from the movie The Holiday has always stuck with me since the first time I watched the movie back in University, “I’m looking for corny in my life”. It is the corny things that make us smile, create a memory and adds a little happiness to our day. I want to be “that” corny in my boys’ life. The Mom jokes, the fun birthday details, the lunch box love notes, the special holiday treats, the twinning outfits, etc. I understand the older they get and the busier life becomes this will not always be an easy task. However, that look on their face will make those late nights the hard work SO worth it.



We just celebrated our son’s second birthday and we did a construction party theme. (He loves big trucks and he cannot lie!) The look on his face when he saw the cake I baked for him really brought this home for me. It is that smile that keeps us going and makes our jobs as Moms and Dads so special. Parthood is a bumpy road and there are days I want to throw in the towel and stay in bed. There are days when it’s easy to pop on the TV and get lost in our own worlds. Then there are days like this that add fuel to my heart and keep me going.

Now, if you know me at all you, you know I am the Queen of Procrastinating. I am a pro planner but putting it into action normally takes time. This being said, things will not always go as planned, there will be bumps in the road and it won’t always be perfect (aka the Pinterest fail). After all, it is these failures and times we just have to laugh ourselves that make the best memories. But if I can bring just a little corny to my boys’ lives and create a special memory for them than I have succeeded.

Let’s all embrace it and Bring Back Corny! Create memories and love the little things.



Construction labels found on pinterest from these sites-

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Life Since Two

So I have come to the conclusion that there is one secret to successful parenting. One that not many people will admit to… Ready for it?? The secret is…  no one knows what the hell they are doing. No one knows what they hell they are doing until one day it just clicks and you say “Hmm… maybe I’m not totally screwing this up!”

The million dollar question that I have been getting lately is, “How is life since two?” To be honest, it isn’t that bad. Is it busy, absolutely! But that’s ok. That is how it should be. I am very lucky to have a toddler that just adores his little brother. Seeing him kiss his little brother all over makes all of those toddler temper tantrums, sleepless nights and sticky floors totally worth it.

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I have learned you need to take it one day at a time. There have been many days that I just have to say “F// it!”, brush the puke out of my hair, put my saggy bum PJ pants back on and call it a day.  Whereas other days I need to strap both kids in their car seats and drive around so I can actually enjoy a hot coffee before I lose my shit anymore than I already have. For me, I have found that sometimes I just have to laugh. Laugh at that fact that is poop dripping out of the baby’s car seat, laugh at the fact that our new couch now has a small urine/puke smell to it (ps if you know how to help this… please send me your tips!!) , laugh when my toddler goes up and pushes the baby’s nose to see if it beeps as well. If I don’t laugh at these moments than I may just begin to cry. Laughter really has been the best medicine.

My husband and I recently celebrated our third anniversary. You are supposed to give your spouse leather for this special occasion. This year I chose to gift him a leather journal. Inside I indicated that this journal is our family memory book. Together we will record all those special memories that make us laugh, cry and smile. Then when the kids are grown and gone we can look back at all the memories we have created. One day my floors will no longer be sticky, I will no longer smell like puke, I will be able to remember when I showered last. One day I won’t have to sneak cookies after the kids are in bed or hide in the bathroom just to have 5 minutes in peace. One day we will look back in this book at the memories we have created and be sad that the boys are gone and we will wish that they were here running around laughing and screaming.

So yes, to answer your questions life with two is busy, very busy. I don’t remember when I last showered, my bottle of dry shampoo is nearing the end of its life, my floors are sticky, we have laundry to fold and a DVR full of new fall shows to watch. But I wouldn’t trade that busy for anything. My heart is full. For that I am very grateful.


Featured image taken by Stephanie High

Normalizing the post partum emotions

No one ever said that being a Mom was going to be easy. You read all the books ahead of time to prepare yourself for this little miracle that is about the enter your life. You purchase the hundreds of dollars in “must have” baby gear and decorate your nursery until it is Instagram worthy.

For me, I was all ready for baby number two to come but was not ready for what was about to happen to me, my body and my emotions.  First off, I did not have post partum depression (PPD). I had what is probably considered “normal” post partum emotions. You read about the possibilities of PPD but not much is in the books about what all other Moms might be going through. Please note these are my postpartum experiences.  When I use the term “normal” I am speaking of someone not suffering from PPD. 

Newborn (14 of 22)

I don’t know how many times I have said to myself:

-WTF am I doing wrong?

-Why does my baby hate me so much?

-I am being a horrible wife!

-Ugh! Once again I have accomplished nothing today.

-Why the hell am I crying.. again?

-Why the hell are you (baby) crying… again?

-Ugh! Just go the F* to sleep!

Now this isn’t a pitty post. (and disclaimer* I would advise for you to stop reading if you don’t want to hear about the lovely postpartum symptoms). I’m not looking for you to say “Oh Heather you’re not a horrible mom/wife!” I know I’m not! But I am writing to say it is normal to think those things (sometimes). All Moms do, and if you say you don’t then you’re either lying or deserve a trophy. Our emotions are on a roller coaster, our boobs are rock hard and hurt like Hell. We are scared to go to the bathroom, because not only does it sting to pee from any stitches or tears but those hemorrhoids make the thoughts of a bowel movement petrifying. Not only are you changing your baby’s diaper (and toddler for some), but feel like you’re wearing a diaper too. None of your clothes fit and those that do fit feel uncomfortable on you. You almost feel uncomfortable in your own skin. You have more than likely had to change your pants at least once today because you are still trying to gain control of those lovely pelvic floor muscles. Finally, you feel like a zombie because you haven’t had much more than 4 hours of sleep. Between your newborn waking up every two hours in the night and your toddler waking up at the crack of dawn… sleep seems to be a thing of the past. “Sleep while the baby sleeps”, they say. HA! not with a toddler. When you put all of these factors into considerations no wonder we feel like we are losing our shit sometimes. I just want to say, you got this! Looking back at the newborn stage with Jackson (my first baby), I really don’t remember all those things. What I remember are the sweet baby snuggles, and yummy baby smells. I remember the way he curled up his bottom to snuggle and how sweet his first smile felt. And while, right about now I just want to scream or cry because I feel like Hudson will never sleep. I know that in 18 months from now those hard moments won’t seem so bad. So my advice to you, first time or second time moms, is to take it one day at a time. Soak in those snuggles, spoil your babies and know that how you’re feeling is ok. It will get better. You’re not a horrible mom or wife. You are killin’ it! And if you feel like your feelings are not normal… talk to someone. It is ok to ask for help. It is ok to say “I need a break!” Sometimes the postpartum healing process is deeper then the stitches and hemorrhoids. Don’t forget to take care of yourself. You are important.

Photos by the lovely and sweet Nicole Leigh Photos

Welcome Baby Hudson: Hudson’s birth story

One word to describe Hudson’s birth is quick. Even thought for two weeks the midwives had been saying “any day now”, “I’d be shocked if you didn’t have the baby this weekend!” I feel I didn’t have time to mentally prepare myself for what was about to happen.

It was a Tuesday morning and I had a midwife appointment. Ryan was unable to make it because he was working. We both woke up that morning thinking I’d go to the office and they would say “Let’s go to the hospital you are 8cm dilated!” Now, I’m not totally off my rocker for thinking this was a possibility because I had been 5cm dilated and thinned out for 2 weeks. They had said the head was there and ready to go. Not only that, but I had been showing early labour signs for 2 weeks. You know those fun cramps and flu like symptoms. Also, it felt as if he was going to fall out every time I went to the bathroom or walked too far. I was starting to worry that this baby was either a) never going to come or b) fall out in the toilet. Jackson’s delivery went very smoothly and very quick (or so I thought). I was in labour with Jackson for about 2.5 hours. Due to this, the midwives had been warning me that this labour would more than likely be even quicker and to call as soon as I was having contractions. I almost called in about 5 times over those 2 weeks but would go have a nap and would wake up to no more contractions.

All this being said, you can see why I was disappointed after leaving my appointment when my midwife said I was the same as last week other than I had thinned out even more. This meant more waiting. I had been having the odd cramps that morning and my midwife told me if I felt anymore cramps to call her ASAP and we would go in and they would break my water. Even if it was 5 minutes after leaving the appointment. She also advised me to go and have a greasy lunch. I took her up on that and ordered Harvey’s poutine and a large Dr Pepper. I decided since the baby wasn’t coming I would vacuum and mop the floors. There was no point in having my own pitty party.

Now, I’m obviously not a very good listener as I started feeling cramps almost instantly but nothing I couldn’t handle. I figured I may as well let Ryan finish his shift and see how I was feeling after supper. To be honest, I was scared that breaking my water was going to prolong the labour and make the process much worse. Come supper time, I was starting to feel more regular contractions and the cramps were starting to get worse. I knew at this point I needed to call the Midwife and that the baby was probably coming that night. Ryan had a few work commitments he needed to sort out so we ate supper, I did the dishes and got Jackson ready for bed and I called the midwife as Ryan read Jackson a story. We both tucked Jackson into his bed, sang him his song, and told him we would have a special present for him in the morning when he woke up.

Now here is the quick part, I’ll just break it down into a timeline for you.

8:45– got to the hospital, about 6cm dilated

9:05– broke my water

9:25– was fully dilated

9:35– started pushing

9:37– started swearing a lot

9:38– developed what my husband described as “crazy eyes”

9:39– told the midwife “to just cut the F’ing thing out of me”

9:41– Hudson entered our family

While I am definitely NOT complaining that my labour was quick (this is a gift), I will say it was MUCH more painful than my first. I don’t know if it was because Hudson was 2lbs heavier or if it was because I went from 0-100 on a pain scale in a matter of minutes. My contractions were literally one on top of the other with no time to talk or take a breath in between. As soon as they broke my water I told the midwife that I was ready to push and that this was going to happen quickly. I was a little worried he was going to come before she had her tools all set up. After the birth, she told me it was good my water didn’t break at home. If it had I would have had the baby in the car on the way over or at home. They now joke that if we have a third that we will have to have a homebirth and they will camp out at our house for the week before.

So if Hudson’s birth is any indicator of his personality I would say we are going to have an ambitions, (possibly impatient), motivated little guy who thinks quickly and gets the job done. We cannot wait to watch him grow up and see who he becomes over the years.




Kudos to all those working Moms/Dads

This post will be short! I just want to say kudos to all those working mama bears and papa bears out there. This includes all those working from home and small shop hustlers out there. I’m not sure how you balance it all. I have still not figured that out.  I get home from work and after Jackson is in bed all I want to do is lay on the couch with my feet up, grab my bag of cookies (so I can eat in peace and not share… let’s be honest), and not move. My house is generally messy, the painting is not done and Jackson’s big boy room is still filled with junk. Don’t be me wrong… this is not a cry for help. We will get it done… hopefully. However, I did vow that we would not be doing room renos after 30 weeks this time around. Here we sit at 33 weeks pregnant and are in the same boat again.  Almost done work and we will get it done. I went into labour finishing the nursery last time, hopefully that doesn’t happen again. So here is to all of you work all day, come home play with your babes, then do all the “stuff”  that has to get done- tired mama and papas 👏. You are amazing! 

Shirt from Eat Sleep Drool

Here We Go Again! 

I know I have been a little a lot M.I.A lately. But I have a good reason… I promise! Our family has BIG news. While this blog is about motherhood and life, life seems to have gotten in the way of me finding time to share. I have recently been faced with a lot of firsts. Almost too many… but I’ve put on my big girl pants and am handelling it. I have returned to work 3 weeks ago to a new school, a new classroom, a new teaching partner, a new staff, new rules, a new report card, a new “working mom” role,  a new daycare for Jackson, a new job for Ryan, and biggest and most exciting a new pregnancy. That’s right we are currently 13 weeks pregnant with baby #2. We are due around August 10. Yay #summerbaby !❤️☀️ If you know anything about our last pregnancy.. while it was very textbook, I was very sick.  I haven’t been as sick this time around but I still am taking 2 diclecten a day and am quite nauseous some days. At the beginning I was sick often (thank God I wasn’t working then).  So I apologize for not being here to promote my favourite companies, and share stories of our adventures. 

So that is the news. Even though there is a lot of first I have been very lucky to have so much support from family and friends and we have so much to be thankful for.  While I would love to stay and catch everyone up on this pregnancy so far, I have to get back to my report cards. I promise once those are done I will be back at  blogging.  I really enjoy it and want to be there to update everyone throughout this pregnancy. Thank you to Lucky Bum Clothing for the awesome Big brother and Mama Bear shirts. They turned out perfect and Janice was so helpful and kind while we designed the shirts. 

Dear Loves Co Nursing Bracelet 

I recently had the privilege of reviewing these beautiful nursing bracelets from a Canadian company, Dear Loves Company. Let me tell you, I wish I had stumbled upon these 10 months ago when I was stressing over how to breastfeed. These bracelets were created with nursing mamas in mind to help keep track of which side your baby nursed on last. As you may know, it is important to keep track so that your baby can get the hind milk (the milk at the back of breast) at the next feed. This hind milk is known to be the fattiest milk, the best milk for your growing baby. I tried so many things to help me keep track of this at the beginning. First, I started using my hair elastic to keep track. Eventually I would take it off my wrist and put it in my hair and would lose track of which side I nursed on. My mom suggested using a clip on my bra but it kept poking me and was so uncomfortable. This little bracelet truly would have been a lifesaver. 

I have been using this bracelet for the past week and while I only nurse on one side per feeding now it has saved me the embarrassment of feeling myself up in public to find out which side we are on. What I enjoy most about the Dear Loves bracelet is how lightweight it is. I don’t even know it is there. It doesn’t get in the way of my daily hustle and baby chasing. I also enjoy its minimalistic, simple design. It literally goes with anything I wear. I have layered it with other bracelets, dressed it up and dressed it down. I can wear it to bed in case of a night time feed and have even worn it in the shower. Also, I like how practical it is. You don’t have to stumble over clasps or knots to put it on and off. Also, (and this is huge for me) it fits my tiny wrist. I can NEVER find a bracelet that fits them. They come in various sizes and colours so any mama can wear them. I will 100% continue to wear this bracelet even when we are done nursing (which sadly will be coming to an end soon. We have begun our weaning process before I go back to work). I would put this product on my nursing must have list. Go and treat yourself to this simple, elegant, yet practical bracelet. You deserve it mama! 

You can check them out on Instagram. The following pictures have been taken from their website to show some of their other designs. 

Let’s Talk About Sleep Baby!

Let’s talk about sleep baby, let’s talk about you and me, let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be. Let’s talk about sleep! 

So I will be honest, this is my second blog post about sleep and I am a little scared to post it. The last one I wrote I shot myself in the foot and Jackson did not have a good night sleep. He has been growing so much cognitively lately that I find him wanting to practice his new tricks more than wanting to sleep.  So I just want to start by saying I have no idea what the hell I am doing when it comes to sleep habits and sleep patterns. I am by far not a sleep specialist or expert, just a mama who loves to sleep. Because of that it was important to us to set up good sleep habits from the beginning. Luckily for us, I think we have a baby who likes sleeping as much as his mommy and daddy. As I mentioned earlier “let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things”, we definitely have our good and bad nights. Just when you think you figure your babe out BAM they wake up and say “haha!!”. Some mornings I wake up with boulders in my bra because he hasn’t eaten all night and other nights I want to do a live reading of the Samuel L Jackson book “Go the F*** to Sleep”. 

Here are a few sleep hurdles we have had to overcome so far:

1- I’m too curious to sleep- baby quickly becomes more aware of their surroundings and is curious about what is going on around them.  Because of this we put a fan in Jacksons room to help drown out any noise in the house. We also made a conscious effort to not be super quiet while he was sleeping. I also try to make it dark in his room. When it is morning I try to open up the blinds to symbolize that it is morning and it is ok to wake up now. If he wakes up in the middle of the night I do not open the blinds. Therefore, he knows it is still night time. Before naps and bed we close the blinds again. 

2- I can now roll and would rather sleep on my belly (This is more of a sleep hurdle on my part as I sat there all night staring at the monitor praying that my babe was still breathing.) When your baby is ready to roll this is when you should no longer be swaddling them. Sleep sacs are the way to go. If your baby likes the swaddle, Halo makes a great sleep sac that swaddles but their little arms can still be out. Also, if your baby is able to roll they are safe to sleep on their belly. This is hard to believe, I know! I went and flipped Jackson the first time he rolled in his sleep because I was scared he would stop breathing in the night. 

3-  Im growing and want to eat more often

4- Teeth…. grrr there are a lot of teeth to come.  I keep a bottle of baby tylenol accessible on J’s night stand in case it is needed in the middle of the night. I try for this not to be a first resort but if it is needed in the middle of the night the last thing I want to do is search for it in his room. 

5- I like standing-  this is the most recent sleep hurdle we are trying to overcome. Saturday  (the day after I originally wrote this post) Jackson learned how to stand in his crib. We quickly jumped up and lowered his crib to the lowest stage. He still figured out how to stand. So when we once used to be able to plop him in bed, and he would lay there still until he falls asleep, is now over. If he is not tired enough he quickly sits up and stands in his crib. Soon he will learn how to safely get down (hopefully…. fingers crossed!!)

Now these are only the hurdles we have discovered so far. I know there are MANY more to come. So the moral of this post is to just take it day by day. Some nights you will get a wonderful night sleep and others well…  not so much. Your baby is growing so much physically and cognitively that some nights they just need a little more loving. Some days Mama may require a nap or an extra cup of coffee. Don’t stress. Do what you got to do. Every baby is different. I could give you a recipe of what we did to get Jackson to sleep through the night but that doesn’t mean it will necessarily work for you. What I have learned so far is that being a Mommy is the best job ever, but it is not easy to be a parent. So enjoy the ride, take it day by day and enjoy those extra cuddles those nights that baby needs them because one day they won’t want to cuddle anymore. 

Baby Must Haves Thus Far

On Thursday I had to go shopping for Jackson’s big boy car seat. While this makes me so excited to see what is to come in the future it also makes me so sad that my baby is growing up way to quickly. So of course with the purchase of the car seat required a trip down memory lane. I came home that night and went through all the pictures we have taken over the past 8 months. With that I decided to create a list of my baby “must have” items. I’m sure I’m forgetting things now that I look back over the past eight months. Who knew babies require so much.  Ok seriously, babies don’t require as much as we think. Parents require all these things. The older  Jackson gets the more I realize he doesn’t really require that much. He’s just as happy playing with household items as he is with his hundreds of baby things we have acquired over the past eight months. The past 2 weeks I have been trying to live with a minimalist view. Asking myself “need or want??” before I make every purchase. My head screams “Need! Need! Absolutely it’s a necessity!” While my brain and wallet cry “Ugh! Put it back. You don’t need it! Will it help make your life easier? Do you have a home for it if you bring it home?” Brain why do you have to be so boring? 😥 We have decided that Jackson doesn’t “need” anything else (except maybe some warmer clothes when that times comes) until Christmas or his birthday but it is so hard. We (ok… I) see something cute and in this “I need” society we live in I want to buy it all. It really is a change in mindset that one must learn. With that being said…. Here is my list. (Please note… I left off all our big items like our stroller, car seat, exersaucer, play mat… While these are necessities to me I decided to keep my lost to 10. Things that people may not think of. But please leave me a message if you want more info on what we have used.)

  1. Fisher price infant to toddler portable rockerI am saying this has probably been our most used item! Not only did it allow mommy to catch some zzz’s the first few weeks it has also allowed this mommy to shower, go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, put on deodorant, make lunch, make a coffee etc. You know all those jobs we took for granted pre baby and now find impossible to do some days. Yes we also have a swing and yes a mamaroo is on my must have list with next baby. This is a cheap alternative that you can usually find on your local buy/sell page.
  2. OVer Cover– I love this cover so much I have 2. The original one I bought in December before we had Jackson and the second one I purchased in the summer when they released a thinner fabric. This cover makes nursing in public a breeze, it keeps the wind out of his ear on walks both in his infant car seat and rumble seat in the stroller and soon we will be using it in carts while shopping. It also made a great cover on a dirty restaurant high chair.
  3. Aden & Anais Sleep sacs- or should I say anything A&A. I love how thin these sleep sacs are and how easy they are for midnight diaper changes. But to be honest I also love their swaddles, wash clothes, towels, bibs, burp clothes, crib sheets, cuddle blankets, puppy blankets (I’m sure they the technical name!). Everything. We have it all. They are soft and wash well.
  4. IKEA high chair-I took so much time researching various high chairs. I was so close to spending $350 on one until I stumbled across this $25 high chair. Once you know how to take the tray off it comes apart easy and can just go right in the sink to wash. The whole chair can be washed easily and it comes apart super quick for storage. I also find it sits nice bedside the table and does not take up a lot of space in our small kitchens. We did buy the support pillow to use until he gets a bit bigger. We currently don’t use the cover for it and just put the whole plastic pillow in the soapy water when we do the dishes. I looooove it.
  5. Nasal aspirator “snot sucker”- we have the Neil med one but really any will do. This one does come apart nicely to wash. I take a q-tip to make sure any mucus is cleaned out. Once your baby gets their first cold you will realize how much of a necessity this is. Jackson hates getting his nose wiped.
  6. Aden and Anais Musy Mate- or as we call him “puppy “.  Jackson absolutely loves him. He gets this cute little smile and cuddles him in close. He rubs him all over his face and then curls in to go to sleep. He is definitely a must have for every nap and bed time. We will be buying another as a back up one day soon.
  7. Video Monitor- now the specifics of this really come down to your preference. Do you want wifi or not etc. We have a summer brand 5inch screen without wifi. I have to say I love how clear our screen is. I do wish it gave more detail such as room temperature but I do not feel those are necessities. I do love having the video feature. I feel I don’t jump up as quickly as I would without it. I can see he is safe and let him cry it out if necessary. If I didn’t have it I fear that being a new mom I’d jump to worst case every time he made a noise.
  8. Wooly Doodle Clothing- you should check her out on Instagram. Not only is Elizabeth a doll to work with, her clothing line is so cute and soft. Jackson loves moving around in her clothing and we seriously get compliments everywhere we go. I love supporting local, Canadian shops. I know the money is going  directly to help them raise their families rather than big corporations who are paying babies in China next to nothing.  To top it off Elizabeth donates a portion of her earnings to the local animal shelter. Seriously…how kind is she!! So you must check her out. Actually do it right after you finish this blog.
  9. Baby links- these little toys are the handiest ever.  They were the first toy Jackson played with. They allowed us to hang things from his play mat low enough he could reach out for them. Now they help us keep his toys in his stroller or car seat when we are out. These little guys (along with item 10 on my list) are on the top list of baby toys for their development. They are easy to grasp and help with hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Still to this day they are some of Jackson’s favourite things to play with.
  10. Oball– I love these toys. I love how easy and light they are to grasp for him. Jackson has now entered his throwing stage and he can throw this ball so far. I also think they are so cute. He has the car as well and loves zooming it back and forth. I have already scooped up a few more Oball toys and cars for Christms presents… But shhhh don’t tell J-man.

Now that we have survived that list… I could go on and on. But will leave it with that. There are so many great baby items and different opinions out there as to what is “necessary”. But those are what we have enjoyed so far. Please ask away if you want specifics on any other items we use.